EURO-CARES (European Curation of Astromaterials Returned from Exploration of Space) is a three year, multinational project, funded under the European Commission's Horizon2020 research programme. Our multidisciplinary team of experts from academia and industry are developing a roadmap for a European Sample Curation Facility (ESCF), designed to curate precious samples returned from Solar System exploration missions to asteroids, Mars, the Moon, and comets.

Our 36 month project (started on 01.01.2015) concentrates on 6 key themes:

  • Planetary Protection (WP2)
  • Curation of extraterrestrial materials (WP3)
  • Infrastructure requirements (WP3)
  • Instruments and methods for sample handling, preparation, and analysis (WP4)
  • Analogue samples as proxies for extraterrestrial materials (WP5)
  • Technologies for sample reception and transport (WP6)

Download a summary of the project here.