Work Package 5 - Analogue Samples

The aim of the EuroCares project is to create a curation and analytical facility dedicated to extra-terrestrial samples brought to Earth from different bodies in the Solar System (Mars, planetary satellites, asteroids, the Moon), either by unmanned and/or by manned missions. These samples will require specific storage conditions and handling procedures during curation and analysis. Analogue samples will be crucial in evaluating and defining the protocols necessary to accomplish safe and sustainable handling of extra-terrestrial materials. For example, they will allow for testing and improving the storage and handling container, sample preparation and analytical protocols. For practical reasons and sterility concerns, it might be necessary for the curation and analytical facility to have its own collection of analogue samples.

The objective of WP 5 is to create a list of different types of samples that would be required for such a facility (analogues and standards), and to create a preliminary list of analogue materials already available. These lists will be completed over the course of this project in response to the requirements established by the other work packages, and might include recommendations for the fabrication of new artificial analogues.

Work Package Members:

Lead: Frances Westall (CNRS)
Deputy: Jutta Zipfel (Senck)
John Bridges (LEI)
Vinciane Debaille (ULB)
Luigi Folco (Pisa)
Joe Michalski (NHM)
Penny Woznikiewicz (NHM)
Martin Lee (Glasgow)
Katherine Joy (Manchester)
Jesus Martinez-Frias
Frédéric Foucher (CNRS)