Work Package 3 - Facilities and Infrastructure

The objective of this work package is to define the state of the art facilities required to receive, contain and curate extra-terrestrial samples, preventing sample contamination and alteration on one hand, and potential biohazards from the sample on the other hand. All the aspects, from the building design to the storage of the samples to the curation are covered by this work package.

Work Package Members:

Lead: Ludovic Ferrière (NHMW)
Deputy: Allan Bennett (PHE)
Aurore Hutzler (NHMW)
John Robert Brucato (INAF)
Vinciane Debaille (ULB)
Luigi Folco (Pisa)
Andrea Longobardo (INAF)
Ernesto Palomba (INAF)
Tom Pottage (PHE)
Caroline Smith (NHM)